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Count Down to Christmas with Traditional Advent Calendars


As the holiday season approaches, it's time to start thinking about how to make it extra special for your customers, clients, or employees. Traditional Advent Calendars are the perfect way to spread holiday cheer and promote your brand, company, or event. These classic calendars not only build excitement as they count down the days to Christmas but also come with a sweet surprise behind each door.


Delicious Chocolate Treats

Our Traditional Advent Calendars feature mouthwatering milk chocolate squares with embossed seasonal shapes. Made in the UK, these chocolates are suitable for vegetarians, kosher, and halal consumers, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festive delight.


Personalise for Maximum Brand Exposure

What sets our Traditional Advent Calendars apart is the opportunity for personalisation. You can add your artwork, logo, or design in eye-catching full colour. This means that each door can showcase your unique message or branding, making it a delightful surprise for each day of the countdown.


Variety of Options

We offer several options to suit your needs:

  1. Traditional Advent Calendar - These calendars come with 25 doors, perfect for counting down to Christmas or other special occasions. They're slightly smaller than A4 in size, making them convenient to display. The doors are 24.5mm square, and the shelf life of the chocolates is 12 months.

  2. Traditional Advent Calendar with Foil Backing - For those looking for a touch of luxury, our calendars can come with foil backing to keep the chocolates fresh. Other than the foil backing, they are identical in dimensions and customisation options to our regular calendars.

  3. Desktop Calendar - Our desk-friendly promotional advent calendars have 24 doors and a retractable stand, making them an excellent gift for customers or event giveaways. They offer ample branding space and are small, lightweight, and easy to display.

  4. 12 Day Advent Calendar - For a shorter countdown or a smaller gift option, our 12-day advent calendar is the perfect choice. It comes with 12 doors and is a smaller version of our desktop calendar, featuring a retractable stand. Like the others, it offers customisable options for your message or design.


Minimum Order Quantities

Our calendars are available for a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100 units, with case quantities of 50 units, except for the desktop calendar, which has an MOQ of 120 units with case quantities of 60 units.


Spread Holiday Cheer

Traditional Advent Calendars are not only a fun way to count down to the big day but also a fantastic marketing tool. With our personalisation options, you can make each day a unique branding opportunity. Whether you're promoting your brand, launching a product, or celebrating an event, these calendars are a delightful way to engage your audience and spread holiday cheer.


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