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Confectionery Advent  Calendars

At our company, we offer a unique service that enables businesses to create their own custom luxury advent calendars, perfect for a festive corporate gift or a special seasonal product. Businesses have the opportunity to incorporate their brand into the design of the calendar, choose the shape, and pick the contents - it's not just about traditional chocolates anymore. We understand that businesses are constantly looking for ways to stand out, and what could be more memorable than a bespoke confectionery advent calendar that mirrors the brand's identity and brings a touch of luxury?

Our team of skilled designers and confectioners work closely with each business, ensuring that each calendar is meticulously crafted and filled with a selection of premium treats if you wish them to be fulfilled at an extra cost. Whether it's gourmet chocolates, sweets, or even miniature baked goods, we can accommodate it all, offering a truly personalised experience and product.

Confectionery Advent Calendars

Round Confectionery  Advent calendars

Our round confectionery advent calendars are a deliciously enticing marketing tool that blends tradition, luxury, and gastronomic delight. We craft these calendars with utmost attention to detail, ensuring that each day leads up to Christmas or an event with a delightful surprise. Behind each door lies a premium piece of confectionery, expertly chosen to titillate the taste buds while also reflecting your company's high standards. The exterior of the calendar can be fully personalised with your brand’s imagery, colors, and messaging, making it a striking centerpiece for any desk or table.

It's not only a delightful way to count down the holiday season but also a powerful brand ambassador, subtly reinforcing your company's presence every day. Partnering with us to produce your business's round confectionery advent calendars is a sure-fire way to leave a sweet and lasting impression on your clients, employees, and business associates.

Round Confectionery Advent Calendars

Traditional Chocolate  Advent Calendars

Producing traditional chocolate Advent calendars with us is an excellent way for businesses to add a sweet touch to their holiday offerings. Each door on the calendar reveals a delightful piece of high-quality chocolate, allowing recipients to savor the count down to the holiday. The daily treat not only creates a sense of anticipation but also offers an opportunity to reinforce your brand presence in a delightful way.

To ensure the freshness and quality of the chocolate, we also offer the option to include foil backing. This not only helps maintain the chocolate's freshness, but also adds an extra layer of luxury and sophistication to the calendars. By choosing a traditional chocolate Advent calendar, businesses can provide a nostalgic, enjoyable, and delicious experience that leaves a lasting impression during the holiday season.

Traditional Advent Calendars

Traditional Chocolate Advent Calendars

Crisp Advent Calendar

Crisp Advent Calendars for businesses serve as a delightful and distinctive marketing strategy during the holiday season. These calendars, filled with flavourful and individually packed crisps, offer a creative twist on the traditional advent calendar concept. Each day leading up to Christmas, recipients are treated to a different crisp flavour, which can range from classic to gourmet, even themed flavours to represent your business or product line. Not only does this introduce a sense of fun and anticipation, but it also provides a daily, tangible reminder of your brand.

For businesses in the food industry, these calendars can be an effective way to showcase the quality and diversity of your product offerings. And for other businesses, crisp Advent Calendars can be a unique, lighthearted gift to help strengthen relationships with clients, partners, or employees, making your brand more memorable during the festive period.

Crisp Advent Calendar

Mixed Confectionery advent  Calendar

Mixed Confectionery Advent Calendars are a delightful way for businesses to celebrate the holiday season, with a touch of sweet indulgence. Collaborating with us to create these calendars will allow you to offer a unique, branded experience for your clients, employees, or partners. Each calendar will be customized to embody the spirit of your brand, with each day revealing a delectable piece of confectionery that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

Whether it's fine chocolates, gourmet candies, or a mix of both, we are able to help source premium quality confectionery to ensure your advent calendars are filled with mouth-watering surprises. This service is a joyful, engaging, and flavour-filled opportunity to reinforce your brand image, build customer loyalty, and stand out from your competitors. It's not just a piece of stationery, but an experiential journey through taste and time, making each day of the holiday season a memorable one.

Mixed Confectionery Advent Calendar

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Boasting an intricate vanity case design with detailed drawers and boxes of varying sizes, all filled with an array of exquisite products, thereby offering a unique and exciting gifting experience that embodies the brand's commitment to quality, beauty, and style.

Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic offers high-quality, visually captivating cosmetic advent calendars, featuring 25 sturdy, custom drawers designed to provide beauty enthusiasts a delightful daily discovery experience with new products, all enveloped in full-colour print and luxurious gold foiling.

Jo Malone

The Jo Malone Luxury Advent Calendar embodies the brand's luxurious sophistication, offering a sought-after, high-quality holiday treat, marked by its stunning design, detailed construction, and elegant packaging, making it the perfect indulgence for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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