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Here at Custom Advent Calendars, we are always happy to help. We have thought of our most asked questions about our custom calendars that aim to help you find the answers you're looking for. If you can't find what you need, contact us and we will be happy to assist you, you might even find your question gets added to this page.
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What are Custom Advent Calendars?

Custom Advent Calendars are typically used to countdown to the festive season, however they are becoming more and more popular to be used all year round. Calendars typically include 24 doors to open, one for each day leading up to a season, event or product launch but with us you can completley customise everything. You can have different sizes, amount of drawers, designs, and generally anything on the calendar you can change to suit you. We have both luxury advent calendars and traditional advent calendars. 

What are Luxury Advent Calendars?

Luxury Advent Calendars are fully customiseable down to every detail. They are becoming more and more popular with businesses each year and are made from top-quality rigid book cardboard. Some customisation options include offset printing, foils, laser engraving, embossing, LED lighting, magnetic closures, shelves, accessories, decorative paper, artificial leathers and so much more. You can chose any type of contents you want as they will be placed in drawers, the only limit will be the size but we will make sure all sizing's are correct.

What are Traditional Advent Calendars?

Traditional Advent Calendars are a cheaper alternative but still giving you the highiest quality containing milk chocolate pieces. Our traditional chocolate calendars come in a variety of styles and sizes. Customise the design, have a landscape, portrait or square event calendar in hanging or desk styles.

Why are branded advent calendars so popular?

Branded advent calendars are becoming a go to product for businesses in terms of marketing, especially around December to count down to the festive season. Others use custom advent calendars to create excitement alongside the company by count down the days to an event or product launch with their customers. Our calendars can also be used to give as a corporate gift, reward or as a thankyou. Our innovative calendars can make your business top of mind and can be given to anyone so the whole family can enjoy it. Fill it with contents that represent your brand as a good way of promoting your brand.

What branding options and extra's are there for your luxury advent calendars?

There are a wide variety of branding options and extra's including types of press and finishes, accessories and materials. Press and finishes include offset printing, hot foil printed logos, UV varnishing, laser engraving, convex embossing, and screen printing. Advent calendars can be made with straps or magnetic closures, led lighting, drawers or shelves of all kinds, plus many more. Add accessories to the outside of the advent calendar including bows and ribbon. Our personalised advent calendars are made of top-quality rigid book cardboard. They can be laminated with protective matte, gloss, non-scratch film, printing paper, decorative paper, textiles or even artificial leather.    

What chocolate is inside the traditional advent calendars?

The chocolate that is used inside our traditional advent calendars is solid milk chocolate that is suitable for vegetarians, kosher and halal. These are also used in the Ramadan calendars as they are suitable for Muslim's due to being halal.

Can i print inside of the doors for traditional advent calendars?

You can print inside the doors. It is a great way to add an extra touch to your advent calendars and brings that extra excitement to know what is behind each door. The printing is done with full colour CMYK.

Do you have samples of custom advent calendars?

We do have previously made traditional advent calendars without the foiling that can be sent to you as a sample however, we don't provide off-the-shelf samples of luxury advent calendars. This is because these calendars are so highly custom made that the calendars we do have will most likely not fit your request. We do recommend that you purchase an unbranded sample with us to check on the measurements of everything. We do offer a fully printed sample option that can be produced as a sample for you but this will be at an additional cost. If you do go ahead with these samples and want to do your project with us, we will take into consideration you paying for a sample and take an amount off of your project.

Am I limited to what I put inside the advent calendars?

Yes and no. With our traditional advent calendars you will have to have chocolate in them however our luxury advent calendars you can choose whatever you would like to go inside. The only limit with that is the sizing of the items. When determining the size of your calendar and the drawers/windows, the items you are thinking of putting inside is put into consideration. This is why we recommend purchasing a sample of your calendar to make sure the items will fit inside. 

What information do I need to give to get a quotation?

When enquiring with us we can work with what you desire a lot faster with the more information you give. The basics we would need is the quantity, the sizing, how many drawers/doors, your design ideas, any main accessories and what items will be going inside. The process will be a lot quicker the more information that you provide us. 

Do I need to produce my own artwork for the calendars?

Yes, once you have approached us we would provide you with an artwork PDF template for you to overlay your custom designs over it. This will be given once both us and you have finalised the dimensions of your calendar. Either yourself or a design department/creative agency can overlay the design onto our template. We are always happy to help if you need any guidance on this process.

Can you fill or pack my calendars?

Yes we can. If you have a relatively low quantity, our team here at Magellan will personally fill, pack and distribute your custom calendars. If you have a higher quantity we have fulfillment companies ready to do everything for you. Either of these options will be an additional cost of which will vary depending on how much you needed done.

What are the shipping methods?

We have three types of distribution which are by either air, road or sea freight. Our most effective and quickest ways to where they need to be are by air or sea freight. Each tdistribution options varies in price so when discussing the transportation alternatives, we can provide you with our recommendations and the best competitive prices for you. Find out more about our shipping options by clicking here

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, there is a delivery charge but how much will depend on a few factors. The charge will already be included in the quotation price for you and will typically be to one UK mainland address. If you need your calendars sent to different addresses, we will recieve a bulk of them and then split them up to be shipped to those locations. If we are doing that in our facility, there will be additional charges for each address that we send it to. The other differing factor is how we send it whether it be air freight, sea freight or road freight. Everything will be discussed in detail and we will answer any questions you have about our delivery charges.

Can you deliver worldwide?

Here at Custom Advent Calendars, we can deliver your products worldwide. We can distribute to one address or multiple depending on what is best for you. Depending on the time frame you are working with, quantity and the locations, we will recommend the best shipping method to use. One factor to also consider is whether they need to be fulfiled or not, if they do they need to be sent to one location to be fulfilled then to the recievers addresses. 
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