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Luxury Advent Calendars

Luxury Advent Calendars are a unique and long-lasting gift for businesses to give to clients and partners. Promotional advent calendars are perfect for all year round and are great for countdowns to events or special occasions. Our luxury calendars can also be re-used and if you place your branding across it, your company will constantly be in those customers heads. 

Take your own twist by creating a bespoke advent calendar tailored for you that is produced by us. Drinks calendars, beauty calendars, chocolate calendars and more can all be used as a marketing strategy for your business to stand out more. 

Our luxury advent calendars are typically rigid board to make sure they are secure and are of the highest quality with a full colour CMYK print. You will have full control over what your designs look like and are here if you need any help throughout the whole process. We are always happy to give any recommendations!

Below are examples of our luxury advent calendars so feel free to have a look and click to find out more about specific case studies.

Luxury Advent Calendars

MS Lending Miniature Drinks advent Calendar

Magellan produced a 24 door miniature drinks advent calendar for MS Lending. 80 calendars were sent out to their prospective clients and customers in December where they can have a small treat each day counting down to Christmas. 

This is such an amazing project that demonstrates exactly how a business can catch their customers attention. Everything from the size, design, print, branding, contents and packaging was well thought out to ensure those people would be recieving the best high quality product. 

This particular project, the team here at Magellan worked closely with MS Lending right down to filling and packing the products ourselves. Each drinks advent calendar was sent out to an individual UK mainland address through next day delivery. 

MS Lending Case Study

MS Lending Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar

Liberty of London

Liberty has created a custom advent calendar measuring 1000 microns with a rigid board. The calendar has a belly band packaging sleeve that wraps around the center, and it has been designed to match the entire calendar's theme.

The inside of the calendar has been decorated with a popular print, which has also been used to decorate the doors and drawers. The drawers have raised gold foil printed numbers that correspond to the inner design. The cover of the calendar features a full-color print with white foil accents to enhance the effect of the snow on the building. Finally, the logo on the back of the calendar is printed in gold foil to convey a sense of luxury.

Liberty of London Case Study

Liberty of London

Harrods 2021

Each year, the Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar releases a limited edition collection of deluxe beauty products from several high-end brands, encased in a rigid board advent calendar. The calendar comprises of 25 differently sized drawers, all of which are black line boarded to maintain a smooth and sleek appearance even on the inside.

The outer sleeve, the luxury calendar, and the drawers all have a uniform and distinctive look, featuring a Wibalin Fine Linen navy textured paper with gold foil detailing for the text. The exquisite blue and gold design enhances its appeal, making it a visually striking addition to any space.

Harrods 2021 Case Study

Harrods 2021


Selfridges designed a high-end advent calendar featuring a stunning gold foil print of the Selfridges building and intricate technical drawings. Customizing an advent calendar is a crucial aspect that can significantly impact its market performance, making it an excellent option for promotional gifts, event launches, corporate giveaways, or product introductions.

The calendar is made up of 25 rigid board boxes of varying sizes, placed inside individual shelves, each lined with a royal blue color and adorned with gold foil detailing. To further enhance brand recognition and imbue a sense of luxury and prestige into the calendar, a personalized plaque in Selfridges' signature yellow hue was affixed to its front, serving as a top-of-mind reminder of the brand.

Selfridges Case Study


Look Fantastic

Custom cosmetic advent calendars have become increasingly popular in recent years, and Look Fantastic has embraced this trend by offering bespoke luxury advent calendars to their customers. These calendars are a unique and festive way for customers to experience new beauty products during the holiday season, and they make great corporate gifts or giveaway products for events.

The Look Fantastic Advent Calendar is an exquisite product that any beauty enthusiast would appreciate. It has 25 custom drawers made from 1000 micron rigid board, ensuring that each drawer is strong and durable. The advent calendar's internal dimensions are ample enough to store a range of beauty products, from full-size bottles of skincare products to sample-sized items such as lipsticks. The design is visually captivating, with a full-color print covering the entire surface and luxurious gold foiling on the logos, writing, and numbers.

Look Fantastic Case Study

Look Fantastic


The Diptyque Advent Calendar is a luxurious and stylish product that is designed to impress. Made with high-quality materials, the calendar features a 3mm rigid board and a 4-board case with double crease and tray, providing a solid structure that allows for easy opening and closing while ensuring the safety of the products inside. The drawers are made of 1000 micron rigid board, which provides a sturdy and strong structure to hold the products securely in place.

The attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of the Luxury Advent Calendar is impressive, with a high level of care taken to make the product both practical and visually stunning. The calendar features a magnetic front with a ribbon lift attached, making it easy to open and close each day during the festive season. The branding on the outside of the calendar and across the drawers is a full-colour print with gold foiling, adding a luxurious touch to the overall design. The calendar's versatility is increased by the variety of box sizes included, making it possible to store a range of items in the calendar.

Diptyque Case Study


Jo Malone

The Jo Malone Luxury Advent Calendar is a work of art. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated, featuring the brand's signature minimalist design. The advent calendar is substantial, with external dimensions of 390mm L x 175mm W x 160mm D, making it an impressive size. The use of high-quality materials, such as the light cream Wibalin and the black foil branding, adds a touch of luxury to the product.

The rigid board lid is another impressive feature, lined with matt black material and designed with two ribbons for easy access to the contents inside. Overall, the advent calendar's external design is a perfect representation of the Jo Malone brand's commitment to quality and elegance.

Jo Malone Case Study

Jo Malone

Charlotte Tilbury

The Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Advent Calendar is an annual release that is eagerly awaited by beauty lovers worldwide. The advent calendar is filled with a selection of the brand's most popular products, including makeup, skincare, and fragrance. Each day leading up to Christmas, you'll open a new door to reveal a new beauty treat that's sure to delight and inspire.

The Luxury Advent Calendar is a product that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its design is characterized by the unique star diamond drawer pulls that add an extra layer of glamour to the already luxurious design. The intricate gold and silver foil design on the printed paper that covers the calendar adds an extra layer of shimmer and shine, making the calendar stand out from other traditional advent calendars.

Charlotte Tilbury Case Study

Charlotte Tilbury

Harrods 2018

We have another case study featuring an older version of Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar that comes with reciprocating magnets and a luxurious shoulder box design.

It is made of high-quality linen material with black and gold foil printing, giving it an extravagant look and feel.

The calendar's rigid board construction ensures its shape and durability during the entire 25-day period, and it can also be reused in subsequent years if desired.

Harrods 2018 Case Study

Harrods 2018

John Lewis 2021 Advent  Calendar

John Lewis released a beauty advent calendar consisting of 25 box drawers filled with luxury goodies. The creation of a shoulder box effect involved inserting an inner tray into an outer tray that had hinged 3-sided doors. The materials used included a 3mm rigid board calendar and an inner framework, along with assorted sized box drawers made from 1.5mm rigid board.

This calendar comes with an outer sleeve matching the paint work design that's on the calendar itself. Inside is different sized drawers matching the size of the products going inside. To enhance their design, uncoated paper was utilized, lending a natural and environmentally-friendly quality to the boxes.

John Lewis 2021 Case Study

John Lewis 2021 Advent Calendar

Net-A-Porter 2021 Advent  Calendar

This is a high-end advent calendar made of a durable, rigid board material that contains a curated selection of luxury products such as cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance. Each day leading up to Christmas, one item is revealed through the 1.5mm sturdy box wrapped in basic white paper, which has a foiled number for easy identification.

The calendar features an elegant cross-grain ribbon bow that runs from the front to the back through 40mm wide oval-shaped slots. The calendar is designed with great attention to detail, including the use of high-quality materials and white raised spot foiling for the logo to create a visually striking and distinctive look.

Net-A-Porter 2021 Case Study

Net-A-Porter 2021 Advent Calendar

John Lewis 2022 Advent  Calendar

John Lewis launched a beauty advent calendar that comprises 25 boxes loaded with luxurious items. The production process involved fitting an inner tray into an outer tray that had hinged doors on three sides, creating a shoulder box effect.

The calendar was crafted using a 3mm rigid board and an inner framework, while the various box drawers were fashioned out of 1.5mm rigid board and came in different sizes to match the products. To add an aesthetic appeal to the boxes, uncoated paper was used, giving them a natural and eco-friendly quality.

John Lewis 2022 Case Study

John Lewis 2022 Advent Calendar

Cult Beauty 2021 Advent  Calendar

The cult beauty advent calendar stands out with its distinctive design, where the drawers perfectly complement the overall print. Each internal drawer showcases a unique configuration, and we've included their dimensions for your convenience. To ensure security, magnets were incorporated into the doors, ensuring everything stays in place. Additionally, rigid board dividers were employed to keep the drawers neatly organized and secure within the calendar.

With its thoughtfully crafted design, the cult beauty advent calendar offers a visually appealing and practical solution. The drawers harmonize seamlessly with the calendar's aesthetics, while their diverse internal arrangements add an element of surprise. The implementation of magnets on the doors guarantees that all contents remain secure throughout. Moreover, the inclusion of rigid board dividers ensures that the drawers maintain their structure and orderliness. Get ready to embrace the joy of each day with this carefully designed cult beauty advent calendar.

Cult Beauty Case Study

Cult Beauty 2021 Advent Calendar

Our Case Studies



Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic offers high-quality, visually captivating cosmetic advent calendars, featuring 25 sturdy, custom drawers designed to provide beauty enthusiasts a delightful daily discovery experience with new products, all enveloped in full-colour print and luxurious gold foiling.

MS Lending

Magellan successfully crafted 80 bespoke luxury advent calendars for MS Lending, offering a fun, captivating countdown to Christmas that served as an engaging marketing strategy, featuring 18 distinct miniature drinks scattered across 24 days with no repeats, all in line with the brand's aesthetic.

Jo Malone

The Jo Malone Luxury Advent Calendar embodies the brand's luxurious sophistication, offering a sought-after, high-quality holiday treat, marked by its stunning design, detailed construction, and elegant packaging, making it the perfect indulgence for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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