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Selfridges Luxury Branded  Advent Calendar

Selfridges is renowned in London for its luxurious selection of designer goods and its unique shopping experience. With its beautiful architecture, eye-catching window displays and personalized service, it's an exclusive destination. It also hosts one-off events and partnerships to add to its prestige.

Its long-standing reputation and history in the luxury market further contributes to its reputation as a luxurious shopping experience. All of these factors make Selfridges the go-to destination for those seeking top-tier products and superior service.

As the demand for limited edition, high-quality products grows, offering a luxury advent calendar is a savvy move for Selfridges. This can give customers the chance to purchase premium items such as beauty, skincare, and luxury fashion items.

Furthermore, the anticipation and excitement generated by the calendar can bring more people to the store, as well as help to increase sales during the holiday season. All in all, a luxury advent calendar is a great way for Selfridges to satisfy their customer base and strengthen their luxury retail image. Selfridges Luxury Branded Advent Calendar

Selfridges Luxury Branded Advent Calendar

premium Advent Calendar

Selfridges cosmetic advent calendar was produced with 3000 micron rigid board. A rigid box board advent calendar is durable and sturdy, which means it can withstand the weight and pressure of items placed in it. This is especially important with the advent calendar being filled with delicate and fragile items.

When opening it up you can see it has a half clamshell design for both doors with them both being hinged to the print on the outside and inside of the 3mm rigid board case box.

An inner tray was then placed inside the outer case which when the doors close everything meets up nicely. As you can see in the image, when the doors close you are presented with a yellow branded plaque to help bring the luxurious element of the calendar to life.

Dimensions: 495mm L x 360mm H x 105mm D

Premium Advent Calendar

Custom Advent Calendar  Interior

When opening the calendar, the inside doors have been lined with the same colour as the front. We would have loved to have seen a panel placed on the inside of the doors so you can't see the foiling that has been wrapped onto it from the front print.

Internally there are 25 different sized boxes all produced from 1000 micron rigid board. Individual shelves were been made from solid 3mm rigid board which has also been covered in the same blue as the drawers.

Luxury advent calendars often have different sized drawers to add an element of surprise and anticipation to the experience of opening each day's compartment. The different sizes of drawers also add to the tactile and sensory experience of the advent calendar, making it a truly special and memorable holiday tradition.

Custom Advent Calendar Interior

Printed Advent calendar 

The main design of this had a luxurious gold foil print technical drawing of the Selfridges building. The same foiling was used for the logo itself to portray luxury and high quality. The back of the calendar is full of calendar information which has all been full colour printed, the same as 'The Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar 2021' on top. 

A custom plaque was added at the front to create brand awareness and recognition, and can also add a touch of prestige and luxury to the calendar. It has been done in the yellow Selfridges company colour to create a top of mind element.

All drawers had a gold foiling pattern bordering the front of the drawers and for the individual numbers. Inside the drawers they have yellow shredded tissue paper and are all lined in yellow to again match the Selfridges brand colour. 

The design of a bespoke advent calendar is an important aspect of the product that can greatly influence its success in the market. A perfect product for a promotional gift, event launch, corporate giveaway or product launch!

Printed Advent Calendar

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