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A Closer Look! Guinness 2023 Luxury Advent Calendar

Looking to countdown to a product launch? Wanting to thank your straff? Bespoke advent calendars are becoming an increasingly effective strategy for businesses because they showcase products and capture the attention of many. Recognising this, Guinness leveraged such strategies to help them stand out in the highly competitve drinks industry. Explore the finer details of the luxurious Guinness 2023 Drinks Advent Calendar below!


Enhanced Anticipation - To heighten the excitment, the Guinness advent calendars featured double doors that facilitated the unveiling process, revealing the 12 draws inside. This design creates a sense of luxury and left recipients eager to explore further upon first impressions. 

Captivating Print - Each advent calendar featured a full digital print, and keeping with the festive season, Guinness chose a desgin that subttly showcased this theme while also highlighting their name; this clever design allowed for instant brand recognition. To enhance durability, the calendars included anti-scuff lamination to maintain their pristine condition. 

Large Branding Area - These 12 day calendars, with internal dimensions of 258mm x 205 mm x 122mm, provide a substantual space for branding options in which Guinness took advantage off; showcasing their name and brand logo. This underlines the attention to detail that went into creative process of the luxurious advent calendars. 

Element of Safety - The advent calendars were designed to ensure the safety of the 12 miniature bottles of alcohol they contained, preventing any damage during transportation abd avoiding disapointed recipients. Made from rigid board material, the calendars featured a draw alignment of 4x3 for added support; these thoughtful details were implimented with recipient's satisfaction in mind. 


The success of this project is evident; it engages an audience with its beautiful design, which allows for instant recognition. This strategy places Guinness at the forefront of the drinks market throughout the festive season - moreover these advent calendars create long-lasting impressions among recipients. 


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