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Harrods Beauty Advent  Calendar

Harrods is a luxury department store in London, founded in 1834 by Charles Henry Harrod as a small grocery store and has since expanded into a global luxury brand. Harrods is considered a luxury brand because of it's reputation for offering high-end, exclusive and premium products. 

The store's iconic branding is instantly recognizable and has become a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. The company advent calendar is a luxury advent calendar filled with high-end beauty products and cosmetics. It was packaged in a white and gold box with a 3D design on the front and gold detailing. The advent calendar was divided into 25 compartments, each containing a different beauty product, such as skincare, makeup, and fragrance.

This cosmetic advent calendar is a great example of what your business could be doing to promote yourselves. Show your appreciation to customers or clients by providing them with branded promotional gifts, or create something unique for a corporate giveaway.

Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar

Printed Advent Calendar

The calendar was carefully and deliberately crafted with all parts, from the inner parts to the external container, coordinated to a particular concept. They used their own building as the focal point of their design that would instantly catch customers eyes.

The material and design was made to be luxurious and bespoke. The cover end on the box and the internal drawers all had a high-quality, durable and long-lasting Fine Linen Wibalin material to create a luxurious feel.

The use of fine linen material on such a calendar can add to its exclusivity and luxuriousness, making it stand out from other advent calendars. This material can also provide a beautiful backdrop for the items inside the advent calendar. It can complement the design of the calendar and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the product.

Black and gold foil printing was used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. It creates a shiny, reflective finish that catches the eye and adds a luxurious feel to the product. The use of gold foil can also help to differentiate the product from other advent calendars on the market and make it stand out as a premium option.

Printed Advent Calendar

Custom Advent Calendar

The beauty box advent calendar itself is made from the highest quality 3mm rigid board to make the structure more sturdy and durable. A luxury advent calendar is all about creating a premium experience for the customer, and a rigid box board can enhance the overall presentation. The smooth, solid surface of a rigid board can provide a high-quality feel and look to the calendar, making it stand out from other corporate advent calendars.

Rigid boards can be customized with a variety of finishes allowing for more design options and can create a more unique and personalized look for the advent calendar. When opening the calendar you can pull either of the two ribbons in the centre, one for each of the doors.

Reciprocating magnets have been placed so that when the doors have been shut it closes securely with that satisfying snap. The doors are two separate units that have been hinged firmly further back and held by the paper

External dimensions: 440mm H x 440mm W x 135mm D

Custom Advent Calendar

Branded Interior

Inside the doors there is an additional rigid board panel that's been covered and stuck in the door which helps keep the ribbon tucked inside neatly. This also lifts it and gives it bit more of a nice feel and touch with the additional print and design on top.  

The external part of the bespoke advent calendar is a luxury shoulder box being the outer main tray with an inner box to create the framework for the inner drawers. The doors when shut would then smoothly snap closed due to the design of the box. Another term for this is a clamshell box because of the way it closes and the sound when it hits the magnet. 

This branded advent calendar has the standard 25 drawers with all of them being 1500 micron board boxes. All individual boxes have a ribbon inside that is covered by a white line board to keep the design looking sleek. The external material paper has been turned over on the inside too.

Internal dimensions of drawers: 100mm L x 75mm W x 80mm D

Branded Interior

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