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The Client & Brief

MS Lending Group helps people out with loans, no matter the size of the enquiry, every loan is individually handwritten. They provide no minimum loans and a max loan of £3 million. Lending with this company is easy, fast and flexible.

They approached us in need of an adventurous idea to send to their customers and clients for the festive season and ended up with high-quality luxury miniature drinks advent calendars.

This was a great way to market their business in a unique way in order to grab people's attention.

The Client & Brief

Luxury Miniature Drinks  Advent Calendar

Magellan produced 80 of MS Lending's 24 day advent calendars. The calendar itself was made from rigid board with a 3mm board for the outer case. The 24 drawers were folding box board and had half moon thumb cuts for customers to easily pull them out. There were magnets put in place so that the two doors on the advent calendar could be securely held shut.

Internal dimensions: L335mm x H225mm x D130mm

Drawer dimensions: L120mm x H50mm x D50mm

Luxury Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar

Printed Advent Calendar

The MS Lending miniature drinks calendar was done in full CMYK print with a matt lamination to create a sleeker look and feel. 

A bold print was chosen in the colours to match the logo. The logo was displayed across the whole calendar which is a great way to keep your business constantly in the customers mind. The print on the drawers were all slightly different but still went along with the colour scheme of the business. 

This advent calendar was for Christmas so the company added a festive feel to it by adding snowflakes and other elements that match the season.

Printed Advent calendar

Contents of the Calendar

MS Lending wanted to have miniature drinks in their calendar to really stand out from the crowd. Everyone made sure that the calendar and drawers were big enough to hold small bottles of alcohol. The alcohol itself again was well thought out, the majority of bottles were all different and a few were repeats. This was to make sure that the customer or client who recieved these calendars had a different treat each day leading up to Christmas.

The alcohol that was included are: Baileys, Absolut Vodka, Gordons pink gin, Malibu, Disaronno, Bacardi, Whitley Neil rhubarb and ginger, Jack Daniels Tennessee, Southern Comfort, Chambord, Tequila patron, Hendricks, Bombay Sapphire, Antica Sambuca, Kraken black spiced rum, Chivas Regal, Brockmans gin and Absolut raspberry & citron.

Contents of the calendar

Set up 

Our team here at Magellan personally fulfilled each of these festive advent calendars. We produced the MS Lending calendars, aquired miniature alcohol bottles, fulfilled them and then sent them off to those customers individually.

We first had a designated work space to complete the fulfillment and placed a protective blanket across our stations to ensure everything including the miniature bottles were protected. Once that was done, we layed out all of the miniature drinks bottles across the station and got rid of any unnecessary packaging making the overall process smoother.

The 80 calendars were also placed on protective layers before and after being filled. Everything was well looked after by everyone.

Set up


Our fulfilling process for this project is as follows:

  • Set up our station
  • Put the alcohol into order from 1-24 to make sure those people who open the calendar aren't met with the same alcohol in two consecutive days in a row
  • Grabbed a calendar and emptied the drawers out
  • Placed the alcohol into the correct numbered drawer
  • Place each drawer randomly in the calendar so the numbers are mixed
  • Close the calendar and place onto a protective surface whilst the others were being fulfilled
  • Luxury calendars were then packaged making sure each one is safe from damage with secure protective layers
  • Each box was labelled with an individual address

Packaging & Extra's

80 calendars in total were produced, fulfilled and packaged by Magellan. Each luxury advent calendar was sent out with next day delivery to individual UK mainland addresses. The next day delivery option was an additional cost as well as the fulfilment.

Before placing into box packaging, all calendars were placed onto protective sheets to be each checked one final time before sending them out. Each layer had a sheet of bubble wrap so that every branded advent calendar was kept in pristine condition. Once placing them into cardboard boxes, our team ensured that each one had a thick layer of protection to stop from any damage being made. After the protective layer had been placed on and put inside of the mailer, the box was packaged safely and then picked up to be sent out immediately. 

White postal outer mailers - unbranded.

x80 UK mainland addresses with signed and tracked for next day delivery.

Packaging & Extra's

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