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The Client & Brief

The MS Lending Group excels in providing loan services, catering to the unique requirements of each client, with loan amounts varying from minimal to as much as £3 million. Known for their efficient, streamlined, and flexible lending process, they sought an inventive way to engage their clientele during the festive season.

They wanted something special: premium advent calendars packed with a variety of deluxe miniature drinks. This creative idea turned out to be a brilliant marketing move, uniquely captivating and drawing in their audience with it's appeal.

Continuing our successful partnership, this marks the second consecutive year we have joined forces with MS Lending to create a lavish 24-day advent calendar, each day revealing a different miniature drink.

The Client & Brief

Luxury Miniature Drinks  Advent Calendar

Magellan produced 100 of MS Lending's elegant 24-day advent calendars, each built with a 3mm board for the outer casing to guarantee durability and long-term use. The calendar's core structure was made from top-grade rigid board, selected for its sturdiness and luxurious texture.

Each calendar featured 24 separate drawers, constructed from folding box board and equipped with convenient half-moon thumb cuts for easy opening. Nestled within each drawer lay a unique and thoughtfully chosen alcohol bottle, offering a delightful surprise and variety to the recipients.

To accommodate six drawers in rows of four, the dimensions of each drawer were set at L120xH50xD50mm. Consequently, the overall box dimensions were established as L335xH225xD130, to ensure the perfect fit.

Luxury miniature drinks advent calendar

Contents of the calendar

MS Lending set out to make their calendar unique by incorporating miniature drinks, a feature that differentiated it from others. The design team ensured that the dimensions of both the calendar and its drawers were large enough to house small alcohol bottles.

In selecting the alcohol, thoughtful consideration was key. The aim was to ensure that each day brought a fresh and enjoyable surprise to every customer or client who received one of these special calendars.

The miniature bottles consisted of a selction such as –  Absolute Normal / Citron / Raspberry, Antica Sambuca, Bacadi, Baileys, Beefeater Dry Gin, Chamboard Black Raspberry, Chivas Regal, Countreau, Courvoisier vs Cognac, Disaronno, Gordons Dry Gin / Pink, Gosling Black Seal Rum, Greenalls Blueberry Gin, Hendricks, Jack Daniels, Tequila Jose Gold, Kraken Spiced Rum, Malibu, Old J Silver Spiced Rum, Southern Comfort and Tia Marira.  

contens of the calendar

The Print 

The premium advent calendar was finished in full CMYK colour print, which not only amplified its aesthetic but also effectively highlighted MS Lending's logo, making it a focal point of the design.The carefully selected color scheme of orange, blue; it resonated perfectly with MS Lending's brand identity, thereby facilitating instant brand recognition among those who receive this calendar.

MS Lendings' logo was displayed not just on the front of the box, where it would catch the eye immediately, but also on both sides and the back. This ensured that no matter how the box was positioned or viewed, the branding remained unmissable.

Tailored for the Christmas season rather than a corporate function, the calendar's design embraced a festive spirit. The boxes were beautifully decorated with holiday-themed designs such as trees, bows, diamonds, presents, and stars, each displayed in a variety of colours to add to the celebration.

the print

Fulfilling and Packing 

As Magellan fulfilled the 100 advent calendars, our team put in a lot of care to mix up the box layout in each one, making sure that doors next to each other were different. After achieving this random setup, we assigned each miniature drink to a designated number, deliberately spacing out similar drinks and reserving the more exclusive ones for the days leading up to Christmas. This precise placement of drinks ensured a delightful variety in each calendar.

Before packaging, we laid each calendar on protective sheets for one last quality check. Our team then gently placed them into cardboard boxes, cushioning them with a substantial layer of protective material to ensure they remained undamaged. After securing each calendar within the protective layer and positioning it inside the mailer, the boxes were securely and carefully packaged, ready for prompt and safe delivery.

We accomplished the entire process of fulfilling and packing 100 calendars in just a day and a half from the time everything was delivered, enabling prompt shipment directly to MS Lending's clients.

fulfilling and packing

YouTube Video

We invite you to view our most recent YouTube presentation, where our Managing Director, Lee, offers an in-depth exploration of our collaboration with MS Lending. For the second year in a row. He discusses the creative process and the finer details that went into crafting the luxurious drinks advent calendar.

This video is not only informative but also highlights how we brought this unique project to life, offering insights and showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation. Join us to discover the story behind this exceptional advent calendar. 

Please Watch Here 

youtube video

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