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Alcohol and Drinks Advent  Calendars

Raise your glass to a luxurious advent experience like no other! At our company, we offer custom luxury advent calendars tailored specifically for the alcohol and drinks industry. Each calendar is thoughtfully curated to bring you a daily celebration of exquisite spirits, fine wines, craft beers, delightful cocktails and not forgeting soft drinks, tea and coffee's. As you explore our website, you will discover a series of captivating case studies showcasing the exceptional advent calendars we have crafted for discerning clients in the past.

From a whisky lover's dream collection to a wine connoisseur's treasure trove, our case studies will inspire you with the possibilities and demonstrate our commitment to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Get ready to embark on a tantalizing journey of flavours and discover how our alcohol and drinks advent calendars can elevate your holiday season to new heights.

Alcohol and Drinks Advent Calendars

MS Lending Miniature  Drinks advent Calendar  2022 & 2023

We are proud to showcase our exceptional collaborations with MS Lending, where we brought their vision to life by crafting two luxury miniature drinks advent calendars. Designed to captivate the senses and provide a daily indulgence, these advent calendars presented a refined selection of premium spirits and beverages in miniature form. 

By customising the calendar to reflect MS Lending's commitment to quality and sophistication, we ensured that every detail, from the packaging to the selection of beverages, aligned perfectly with their brand identity. In both 2022 and 2023. This collaboration not only delighted MS Lending's valued customers but also positioned the company as a purveyor of exceptional experiences, reinforcing their reputation as a distinguished lender in the industry.

MS Lending Case Study 2022

MS Lending Case Study 2023 

MS Lending Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar

Tea Advent Calendar

Producing Tea Advent Calendars with us offers businesses an engaging, delightful, and innovative marketing opportunity. Our calendars, brimming with diverse and quality tea selections, create a daily surprise throughout the holiday season, inviting recipients to explore a new flavour each day. We offer a broad range of tea options, from classic blends to exotic infusions, each chosen for their premium quality and delightful taste.

The calendars themselves can be customized to embody your brand's ethos, from the design of the calendar to the packaging of the tea. This not only enhances brand visibility but also adds a touch of personality to your corporate gifting strategy. Businesses that choose to create Tea Advent Calendars with us are not merely investing in a promotional item; they are cultivating an experience of discovery, relaxation, and warmth, perfectly aligned with the spirit of the holiday season.

Tea Advent Calendar

12 Day Miniature Drinks  advent Calendar

Our 12 Day Miniature Drinks Advent Calendars offer an exceptional opportunity for businesses to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for clients and partners. These bespoke advent calendars can be filled with a curated selection of high-quality miniatures, showcasing your brand's taste and sophistication. Whether it's whiskey, gin, rum, or a mix of spirits, each day's reveal can be a delightful surprise that brings a sense of anticipation and discovery. Additionally, we can tailor the design of the calendar to echo your brand's aesthetics, creating a compelling visual and sensory journey throughout the twelve days.

Producing these luxury advent calendars with us not only allows businesses to connect with their audience in a personal and enjoyable way but also offers a unique promotional tool that elevates brand visibility and reinforces a high-end image. A 12 Day Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar is more than a gift; it's an immersive experience that conveys your brand's commitment to quality, uniqueness, and customer delight.

12 Day Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar

Cracker Miniature Drinks  Advent Calendar

Crafting a Cracker Shaped Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar with us presents a unique opportunity for businesses to celebrate the holiday season in a stylish and festive manner. Each cracker is not merely a piece of decoration, but a charming box that reveals a high-quality miniature drink, introducing an element of surprise and delight every day. This could include a range of artisan spirits, wines, or non-alcoholic beverages that cater to various tastes and preferences.

The cracker itself can be custom designed to represent your brand's image, with options for personal messages, company logos, and a variety of festive themes. It's not just a fun holiday treat, but a powerful marketing tool that keeps your brand at the forefront of customers' minds during the festive season. Producing a Cracker Shaped Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar with us, therefore, is a unique way to connect with your audience, showcase your products, and leave a lasting impression in an innovative and memorable way.

Cracker Miniature Drinks Advent Calendar

Perforated Doors Drinks  advent Calendar

Our Perforated Doors Drinks Advent Calendar provides businesses a truly unique and captivating way to engage with clients, employees, and partners during the holiday season. Working in collaboration with us, we'll help you design a custom luxury advent calendar, where each day reveals a new drink experience behind its perforated door. This interactive piece is not just a marketing tool, but an experience that helps strengthen your brand's identity and fosters deep connections.

The choice of drinks can range from artisan teas and coffees to gourmet hot chocolates or even mini bottles of premium spirits, allowing you to cater to your audience's preferences. Our team will meticulously craft each calendar, ensuring a stunning visual appeal that aligns with your brand aesthetics. Engage your audience in a unique, memorable way this festive season with a Perforated Doors Drinks Advent Calendar, adding a touch of exclusivity and surprise to your holiday strategy.

Perforated Doors Drinks Advent Calendar

Our Case Studies



Charlotte Tilbury

High-end design and meticulous craftsmanship, blending a sturdy box construction with intricate foil details, a unique hexagonal shape, and two-tiered design with distinctive drawer pulls,


Each numbered box, nestled within a sturdy 3mm framework, is meticulously wrapped in basic white paper and features a foiled number for easy identification, while the white raised spot foiling on the logo ensures a standout look.

MS Lending

Magellan successfully crafted 80 bespoke luxury advent calendars for MS Lending, offering a fun, captivating countdown to Christmas that served as an engaging marketing strategy, featuring 18 distinct miniature drinks scattered across 24 days with no repeats, all in line with the brand's aesthetic.

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